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COMPETENCESWhy you should choose Cleangrad
as your clean room supplier?

  • Because we will work with you in the initial design phase and develop a 3D (or 2D) detailed design especially for you.
  • Because the Cleangrad development centre will, upon request, develop a product that will be a perfect fit for you.
  • Because in our 20 years of existence we have built over 200,000 m² of clean rooms, developed partnerships with the biggest pharmaceutical companies and we are extremely financially stable.
  • Because we use exclusively non-corrosive materials of the highest quality in our production and pay attention to every smallest detail.
  • Because we manage and implement projects exclusively with our own employees, project managers and installers, who place great emphasis on safety, health at work and the environment, for which we have received a number of compliments and recognitions from our customers.
  • Because we are big enough to be able to successfully implement large turnkey projects with partners and at the same time small and flexible enough to be able to plan and implement smaller projects in a short period of time.
  • Because we will provide you with 48-hour service throughout Europe and the supply of spare parts.

RESULTSThe advantages of the Cleangrad clean room system

  • Each panel has a welded aluminium frame, which ensures that it is hermetically sealed. As standard, each panel is equipped with an electrical channel.
  • Clean rooms that have surfaces made of aluminium (or HPL) are more resistant to damage than rooms with surfaces made of sheet metal (painted or coated with foil). Minor damage to aluminium surfaces can be repaired very effectively at minimal cost and there is no need to replace entire panels, as is the case with sheet metal panels.
  • The thickness of the aluminium sheet in the Cleangrad cleanroom system is standard 1.2 mm, and the application of paint is 60 – 80 μ, while the thickness of the galvanized sheet is only 0.8 mm or less, and the application of paint is often only 20 μ.
  • Clean rooms made of aluminium panels are resistant to hydrogen peroxide and many other aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Since Cleagrad clean rooms are made of non-corrosive materials, there is no fear of corrosion during their service life.
  • Exceptional flexibility of all cleanroom wall designs: combinations of different wall designs can be used (e.g. partition walls in places where additional installations not already foreseen in the planning phase are required and panel walls where rapid execution is required), each panel can be dismantled and then reinstalled in the same place or relocated elsewhere.
  • Cleanroom doors are specially developed for the Cleangrad cleanroom system with their unique magnetic closure (without a seal, which makes it easier to clean and guarantees longer life expectancy compared to rubber seals).
  • A walk-on ceiling (150 kg/m² or 300 kg/m² with additional substructure) with fully integrated cleanroom lights allows more space in the technical area and ensures a higher level of safety.
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