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  • Video surveillance Controller:
  • Cleangrad d.o.o.
  • Ulica Rada Pušenjaka 1, 9240 Ljutomer
  • Registration number: 1552465000, VAT ID number: SI 45527296
  • Contact phone: +386 (0) 41 680 814, e-mail info@cleangrad.si
  • The Controller performs video surveillance of the premises at the following locations:
  • L1, Prešernova ulica 29, 9240 Ljutomer (Production),
  • L2, Ulica Rada Pušenjaka 1, 9240 Ljutomer (Production),
  • Registered office, Ulica Rada Pušenjaka 1, 9240 Ljutomer (administrative building)
  • Person responsible for informing external parties about the processing of personal data by the video surveillance system: Ivan Breznik, dipl. ekon.
  • Purpose of the video surveillance: Video surveillance is carried out in order to ensure the safety of persons and property in the areas, facilities and premises of Cleangrad d.o.o., in accordance with the provisions of Articles 77(1) and 78(1) of ZVOP-2 and Article 6(1c) of the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR;
  • Recipients of the video surveillance recordings: Authorised persons at Cleangrad d.o.o., in accordance with the resolutions on the introduction of video surveillance;
  • Information on the transfer of recordings to third countries: Video surveillance recordings are not transferred to third countries;
  • Retention period of video surveillance recordings: Up to 1 year from the date of recording;
  • Information on the rights of data subjects in relation to video surveillance recordings: A person who identifies themselves in a video surveillance recording, or a person who has been captured by a video surveillance camera, has the following rights:
  • To access the personal data or the right to see video surveillance recordings relating to the person in the recording;
  • Rectification (blurring – anonymisation) or erasure or restriction of the processing of video surveillance recordings),
  • Objection to the processing of video surveillance recordings;
  • Portability of video surveillance data (copy of the recording).
  • Information about the right to lodge a complaint: You can lodge a complaint about a video surveillance recording at the address of the Controller: Cleangrad d.o.o. – Authorised person for video surveillance, Ulica Rada Pušenjaka 1, 9240 Ljutomer or by e-mail: info@cleangrad.si
  • Necessity of providing personal data or consent to video surveillance or recording: Personal consent is not necessary due to the existence of a legal basis for video surveillance; the individual has the right not to enter the area, premises or facility where video surveillance is performed;
  • Existence of automated decision-making, including profiling: none
  • Information about the specific effects of the processing, in particular further processing: none
  • Contact details of the authorised person:Ivan Breznik, dipl. ekon., +386 (0) 41 680 814,  e-mail ivan.breznik@cleangrad.si
  • Unusual further processing:
  • There is no further processing of video surveillance recordings;
  • There is no audio intervention for the duration of the video surveillance;
  • Video surveillance is performed by a specially authorised person on a computer screen (live monitoring);
  • Video surveillance recordings are kept for a maximum of 1 year from the date of recording.
Ulica Rada Pušenjaka 1, 9240 Ljutomer, Slovenia

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