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Quality is something that stems from our mission By choosing the best materials, precision workmanship and quality installation and finalisation of clean rooms, we are making an important contribution to the health of present and future generations.” Quality, innovation and the customer and employee satisfaction are the three key values ​​of Cleangrad.

We operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 3834, ISO 14644, VDI 2083, HSE, GMP/FDA and SCC** standards, and we have also obtained the CE mark for all products and the following product certificates:

  • Bioquell certificate for resistance of powder coating and HPL panels to H2O2,
  • fire resistance,
  • walkability of ceilings and
  • sound insulation.




Cleangrad has its own development centre, which employs a group of experts from various fields. Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we are constantly developing new products and modifying existing products and processes. We have already received a number of innovation awards for our development achievements.

Quality and innovation are the key values ​​of Cleangrad.


At Cleangrad, we operate in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and feel strong responsibility to the environment, which we prove at every single step of our work. Already when selecting the suppliers and materials, we check the impact of the selected materials on the environment as well as on the employees and prove it with different measurements. Furthermore, the efficiency of the exploitation of resources is maintained and checked on a monthly basis. In the production process itself as well as on the building site we place great emphasis to separate waste collection and disposal. In general, the lifecycle of our products is elevated up to 20 years of use. Moreover, on average 90 % of the products and materials can be recycled, when taken out of use.

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