Products and ServicesInflatable-Seal Doors

Technologically advanced solutions are becoming an increasingly important aspect in ensuring the conditions of drug production. One such solution is the door with inflatable seal, which ensures a high level of safety in regulated rooms, as well as during sterilization, decontamination and fumigation processes.

Stainless steel cleanroom doors with inflatable seal is designed for maximum air tightness capabilities. It ensures a perfect tightness and maintains barrier integrity in high containment applications. A uniform seal is precisely controlled with the appropriate automation and enables use under the toughest conditions in all clean room zones. In the development of doors, the requirements of customer technological processes, quality and compliance with the GMP standard were pursued.

The design of a door with an inflatable seal is adapted to customer requirements, namely, it can be glazed with glass in the door leaf for easier viewing into the room, or equipped with contactless access cards readers, alarms and detectors and various sensors that allow access to and from the premises. Inflatable-seal doors enable adaptation to different conditions of business processes and, despite adjustments, ensure the highest possible level of safety in regulated rooms, which is also evidenced by the certificate received from the ZAG Institute.
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