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Cleangrad cleanroom partition walls are suitable for all cleanroom zones and can thus be used in pharmacy, healthcare, microbiology, food and nuclear industry, nanotechnology, microelectronics and research institutes. Cleangrad cleanroom partition walls are characterised by high stability, resistance to various chemicals (they are also resistant to frequent use of hydrogen peroxide), airtightness, easy and quick installation. Cleanroom partition walls are made only of non-corrosive materials, so there is no fear of corrosion during their service life.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of walls for clean rooms:

  • panel partition walls, 52 mm or 102 mm thick, with a filling of rock wool or aluminium honeycomb in the frame and a finishing layer of 1.2 mm thick aluminium sheet, with a colour application of up to 80μ are suitable especially for quick projects;
  • cleanroom stud partition walls, 100 mm wide and a finishing layer of 1.2 mm thick aluminium sheet, with a coating of up to 80μ, allow a high degree of flexibility in the design and fitting of installations, even after the project is completed;
  • glass walls with single or thermopane glass are increasingly used, as the trend of construction goes in the direction of creating the best possible working conditions. With glass walls, we bring natural light into the work environment in the clean rooms, and at the same time enable the user to control the processes that take place in a clean room;
  • face wall claddings for clean rooms, which are installed on existing (masonry or plaster board) walls with the help of a special substructure and have the exact same final appearance as partition walls. Face wall claddings save on construction costs as well as space;
  • BSL zones require a special design of the walls, in which it is possible to use all the listed wall systems, by installing them according to a special process and additionally sealing them with special dedicated seals.

In addition to aluminum panel walls, we also offer partition walls and face wall claddings made of HPL, Kerrock and stainless steel.

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