Products and ServicesCleanroom Fire Resistant Ceiling R30

Fire safety is an important consideration for every ceiling system – no matter how simple or
complex – especially in the cleanroom environment. Our fire-resistant R30 cleanroom ceiling
is engineered to meet the most stringent requirements.

The R30 cleanroom ceiling system is designed to provide horizontal fire protection in
regulated areas. The complex structure of the cleanroom environment requires the
installation of various systems which are usually placed in the technical area atop of the
cleanroom ceiling. The C-C-R30 ceiling offers protection from below; if the fire occurs in the
cleanroom area, the building structure and all installations in the technical area are protected.

The C-C-R30 ceiling is self supporting. With its load capacity of 150 kg per sqm the R30
cleanroom ceiling enables safe access to the various services installed in the technical area
above the ceiling.
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