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When planning clean rooms, we also pay a lot of attention to maintaining the quality of clean rooms throughout their service life. For this purpose, we determine critical points where damage to walls or doors can occur during daily manipulation of trolleys, etc. At these critical points, we provide floor or wall protection, which can be made of stainless steel, plastic (PE500 coterma), HPL, etc. Most often, these are tubular floor or wall bumpers, columns of different heights and corner protection. All materials from which floor and wall protectors are made are resistant to aggressive chemical compounds.


Cleangrad is aware that day-to-day work in laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry involves not only bringing equipment and materials into a clean room but also moving the equipment and materials within the clean room itself. These processes must take place safely and smoothly. Cleangrad has therefore developed movable work surfaces on swivel wheels that combine mobility and a professional worktop. Due to our own development and production, the equipment can be adapted to individual needs both in terms of functionality and type of material.
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