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Swing doors are specially developed as part of the Cleangrad cleanroom system to ensure maximum tightness. Their key advantage is that the doors are flush installed on both sides in the partition wall, without unnecessary edges and thus allow easier cleaning. A special feature of the door is their special magnetic closing system, which ensures a perfect seal along the entire door frame and thus prevents dirt from accumulating in these places and ensures significantly easier cleaning. The surface of the door leaves can be made of aluminum or HPL.

For clean rooms with special requirements, we also have 1.4301 or 1.4404 stainless steel swing doors available in the programme. Stainless steel doors are characterised by excellent corrosion resistance and excellent sealing, which is ensured by built-in seals. Stainless steel doors are also distinguished by easy cleaning without losing the surface properties of the material and long service life.

Both aluminum, HPL and stainless steel doors comply with international GMP guidelines and are resistant to chemicals. They can be fitted with various types of glazing, additional floor seals and equipped with door handles of your choice, knobs, push plates, locks, various types of anti-panic designs, self-closing systems or drives…
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