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Cleangrad ceilings for clean rooms are suitable for all cleanroom zones and can thus be used in pharmacy, healthcare, microbiology, food and nuclear industry, nanotechnology, microelectronics and research institutes. Cleangrad cleanroom ceilings are characterised by a high level of load-bearing capacity, resistance to various chemicals (they are also resistant to frequent use of hydrogen peroxide), airtightness and easy and quick installation. Panel ceilings are checked for their load-bearing capacity, tensile, shear and flexural strength. Panel ceilings for clean rooms are made only of non-corrosive materials, so there is no fear of corrosion during their service life.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of ceilings for clean rooms:

  • a walk-on ceiling allows the fitting of many installations and is designed for use on service areas under limit loads from standard 150 kg/m2 to 350 kg/m2. The walk-on panel ceiling is made of custom-made panels, 52 mm (or 102 mm) thick, built of aluminum frames for greater strength, with a finishing layer of powder-coated 1.2 mm thick aluminum sheet and a filling of rock wool or aluminum honeycomb. All installation openings are prefabricated and specially reinforced.
  • a non-walkable panel ceiling is of the same composition as the walk-on panel ceiling, only it is 22 mm thick.
  • a raster ceiling is installed in less demanding clean zones, where the airtightness requirements are not as strict. An important advantage of a raster ceiling is its flexibility – due to the standardisation of ceiling panels, the ceiling system can be easily adapted to the newly created requirements in the room.

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