News Among Sisk’s supply chain winners 2021


We are very proud to be among the Sisk’s 2021 supply chain awards winners!

At the annual event in Dublin John Sisk & Son has announced the winners of its Supply Chain Awards for 2021. Cleangrad, who was nominated in the category for the best supplier in Bio-pharma sector, received the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award – Europe.

Commenting after his homecoming, Mr. Jernej Zupančič, General Manager Cleangrad, said: »There are special moments in life which are filled with surprise and pride. Winning this award was one of the best moments in the history of Cleangrad. I would like to thank all Cleangrad’s employees, who contributed to this award, all of you, who day after day work hard in these difficult times and build the success story of our company. A special thanks goes to Sisk, a great partner to work with.«

SISK Supply Chain Awards 2021.

Photo Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2021
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